Sorry for not posting on Tuesday and Wednesday I have a lot of personal stuff that is going on. I’m really going to try my best to stick to the schedule I have set for myself so please don’t get mad at me!

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New Blog

So by the title you can see that I have started another Blog! This blog is based off my photography and my travels. I will continue to post on this page but please go check it out! Most of these pictures are based on the outside world and natures beauty so please go check […]

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Story Time #3: Growing Up

Growing up wasn’t so easy for me. My dad was always deployed or just decided not to come home. I had helped my mom raise my little brother since my dad was never around to help. But the days he was home all my parents did was argue and fight leaving  me to listen while my […]

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Partners in Crime

Depression and anxiety, The most scilent illnesses of them all. Some of the most painful illnesses. To know that you still have to smile and act happy for others. To know that you can’t let others know. To act like everything okay when it’s not. They are like partners in crime. Killing people one by […]

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Dark Void

There was pain in her eyes. Pain you’ll never see. This pain is invisible to you and can only be seen through her own eyes. For her smile and laugh is her disguise for who she really is. She had these “friends” who kept her company. “Don’t over think it, it will be okay.” They had told her. […]

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Okay so just to change it up a bit! Here’s a happier poem that I have come up with! Thank you to the people who have been supporting me! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been busy and just didn’t know what to write… so here you go! ——————————— Sure I’m not the girl […]

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