Okay so just to change it up a bit! Here’s a happier poem that I have come up with! Thank you to the people who have been supporting me! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been busy and just didn’t know what to write… so here you go!


Sure I’m not the girl that you would call “perfect”.

But I myself would rather be “not perfect” than “perfect”.

Just because I’m “not perfect” doesn’t mean that I’m not smart, or pretty, or skinny or anything.

Being “not perfect” means that you are you! 

Why am I putting “” every time after  I mention perfection, you may ask.

I do this because there is no such thing as “perfection” or being “perfect”.

These words are just standards you set for yourself, and you let your own mind beat you with these word you use.

So if someone tells you you’re “not perfect”, they are wrong because technically everyone is perfect but comes with different standards.

I’m “not perfect” and I’m proud… 

stand up for yourself.

Image – my own photo


I’m sorry it’s short but yea 


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