Sorry for not posting on Tuesday and Wednesday I have a lot of personal stuff that is going on. I’m really going to try my best to stick to the schedule I have set for myself so please don’t get mad at me! Thank you for the people who are still here. Sorry this is another short one I am planing to post a story time next Wednesday. I will be posting on my other page as well today so go check it out!


We are always forced to choose sides.

We are never given a middle.

Light or dark

Right or wrong

Black or white

Gay or straight

Grey is looked down upon.

But it is the most beautiful color and shade.

There is much potential in grey.

Anything you do in black stays unseen.

And white you are afraid to blemish.

But gray you can do ANYTHING .

It’s light enough to see what you have done.

Imperfect enough to where you don’t feel intimidated.

We’re all a grey.

That we are untouchable.

The perfect medium.

The prettiest shade.

The color of our life.



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