Battles to a War

The battles between you, depression and anxiety. The battle that can turn into a never ending war. The war of tears, pain, and darkness. This war can go from months to years to a life time. But once you give up, it’s game over. A bright room full of people turns into a room of […]

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A Bit About Me!

Hey there. I know I never really introduced my self but here we go! My name is Amy and I am 15 years old. I had gotten my own blog because people say that I’m really good at writing and should post it on social media. I am also a photographer and drawer on top […]

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I Know

I know… I know I’m broken. I know I’m disgusting. I know I’m rude. I know I’m overbearing. I know I’m over controlling. I know I am me. I don’t need you to tell me who I am. Because I know. Yea I may be a lost puppy at some moments and can get lost […]

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I want to tell someone. About my pain. Anybody, anyone. Just to let my feelings out god damn. The pain is so great, It’s so hard to control. When you have nobody to be there by your side, and hold you in person. At the pain I have… There is no cure. An overwhelming pain. […]

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What is Love?

What’s love? Is it the wild infatuation  Of young love? Or is it the peaceful silence of love in an old age? Is the person you can’t live without…? Or When you don’t see them for years and feel like it was only yesterday? Is it… Your boyfriend/girlfriend….?  Your partner(s) in crime..?  Your family..?  Does […]

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THUMP THUMP My heart is racing as my mind is thinking. What if he/she doesnt love me? What if they hate me? Why if. If… What if no one likes me and everyone is a fake?  Is it worth it? Is it worth it to stay? But what if when I do leave I find […]

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