Partners in Crime

Depression and anxiety,

The most scilent illnesses of them all.

Some of the most painful illnesses.

To know that you still have to smile and act happy for others.

To know that you can’t let others know.

To act like everything okay when it’s not.

They are like partners in crime.

Killing people one by one.

From the outside you will see nothing but a smile.

For the inside you will see darkness and thoughts.

Thoughts about how ugly you are.

How fat you are.

How lonely you are.

And how useless you will forever be.

Depression tells you that you’re lonley with no friends, and you try to prove it wrong till anxiety says how you’re probably disturbing others by trying to talk to them.

Depression only brings up the worse in you.

And for anxiety it brings all the “what ifs” or what the worse can happen in the future.

Partners in from side by side holding hands to be undefeated.

Maybe I should go talk to them… no they don’t care… but I can make friends… then they will think I’m a loser and not want to hang out with me to only leave me alone again.

Feeling lonely is not only being alone but is to feel as if no one cares which only makes your anxiety and depression grow more.

There is a cure to this illness.

It’s called fighting.

You will fight and push and fight and never give up.

The second you give up and stop pushing you’re done for.

No coming back.

If you are willing to fight the battle knowing that it will take a long time and you make it to the end.

You’re a survivor.

You defeated one of the most scilent illnesses and don’t let it come back to you.

Depression and anxiety.

The most scilent illnesses of them all.

Some of the most painful illnesses.

They are Partners in Crime.


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