Dark Void

There was pain in her eyes.

Pain you’ll never see.

This pain is invisible to you and can only be seen through her own eyes.

For her smile and laugh is her disguise for who she really is.

She had these “friends” who kept her company.

“Don’t over think it, it will be okay.” They had told her.

They promised her that it would be okay.

But instead they just watched her cry in pain.

They watched every tear turn into thick crimson liquid that would roll down from her arms to her thighs.

They scream and yell at her pushing her around at every second she is breathing to only beat her to the bone.

She had tried to scream for help but it was like no was able to hear her in the dark void she is falling into.



She tries to cling onto the little light she had left until it had slipped right out of her fingers as if it were never to exists.

She is gone with no way to come back.

She is now the slave to the darkness.

This darkness she had thought from the begging as a “friend” but now an enemy.

She will forever be the slave of darkness til the light had found her.



Might add onto this later.


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