I want to tell someone.
About my pain.

Anybody, anyone.

Just to let my feelings out god damn.

The pain is so great,

It’s so hard to control.

When you have nobody to be there by your side, and hold you in person.

At the pain I have…

There is no cure.

An overwhelming pain.

With a strange past.

With a fake smile upon my face.

Everything is solved.

Everyone will believe you.

Almost … as if nothing ever happened.

But inside i’m destroyed.

Not having anyone.

No one to tell.

This can be a story like any other.

Only in the ending

We contemplate our fate.

A fate that we choose.

Just be aware,

You shall not do wrong.

Watch what you are doing.

Choose right.

Don’t mess up,

Or you will regret it.

I choose wrong.

Countless of times.

I’ve felt the consequences. 

But not seen them.

The consequence is one spot.

One spot left.

My torn heart grieving.


That’s all I feel.

Don’t be me.

Don’t make my mistakes in life


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