Story Time #2 : He Never Cared

Heads up : some of these stories are not mine, they can be stories some friend or someone I know asked me to write their stories so other people can relate. SO at the end of the story I’ll put the name of the person,myself, or secret. Ill only put secret if I or the other people don’t want you knowing who they are and that its their story.

The summer after 8th grade had ended I had gone on a trip to the East Coast with my school and three other schools. On this trip I had met many people, one of the people I had met name was Tim. Tim was a very nice guy, he was very geeky and always happy. His friend West was the same way, and they seemed pretty close. On the trip I had ended up having a group that consist of six people (Haley, Tron, Me, West, and Tim). We were all very close by the end of the trip and exchanged numbers to keep in future contact of each other. After a few months had past we had our first meet and I really enjoyed our time. But this is when we started to tear apart going our own ways which left me with West and Tim.

A few months past and West and I are dating. The next three months were pretty peaceful until something had happened. I was pretty wasted with some people and West was busy with family so he wasn’t texting. This was when Tim had decided to start take advantages of me. The next day when I had woke up and found out what had happened I started panicking and immediately told West who got pissed off. We all eventually forgave each other for what had happened and went back to “normal”. Tim and I got really close as if we were siblings like brother and sister. Tim had latter been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. There wasn’t an inch on his body that didn’t have one cut to be seen. He had been taking many pills everyday now and saw the councilors every day for two hours. This had put a very big impact on West and I’s life trying to support Tim more than we had supported each other. There was a time where West and I called Tim’s parents because Tim had tried to overdose. Tim had never forgiven us even to this day. He had ended up going to the hospital for a month. Before he left he had said to “be strong, and don’t give up. I’ll text you right when I’m out.” A month passed and no text messages had come. Not even a word. West had texted me on how Tim was back and how hes been back for a week. I felt sick and hurt. Why didn’t anyone tell me? I had texted Tim after that and he was different, he wasn’t the person i had met on that trip, he wasn’t the person he  was before the hospital. The hospital had taken my friend. Being with him was like starting a whole new friend ship over again, and I could do it. I sent him a long text saying how I couldn’t do this and that I wanted to stop talking to him, this text took me two days to complete, and all he had said was “okay I didn’t care anyways.” He didn’t care, he was a fake who hurt me making me think that I actually had a friend.
Story teller- secret


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