Who Cares?

I cant do it.

I cant do this anymore.

It hurts to much.

Is it worth the struggle?

Is life worth fighting for?

To cry for?

Is what I’m doing actually worth is?

Its not like anyone cares.

I can’t handle this anymore.

The thoughts.

The pain.

The anxiety.

I can’t handle my feeling.

Why does life have to be so hard when all you have to do is,



Go to school,

Grow up,

And get a job.

Is all this work really worth holding onto what I have?

If I end life now it wouldn’t matter because I’m going to just die in the future anyways.

At least if I die now I wouldn’t have to watch others suffer in front of me for my whole life.

No more tears.

No more pain.

No more anything.

Who cares if I cant anymore?

I’m going to die sooner or later.


Image- Drawn by myself


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