Story Time #1 : The Lost Lover

Heads up : some of these stories are not mine, they can be stories some friend or someone I know asked me to write their stories so other people can relate. SO at the end of the story I’ll put the name of the person,myself, or secret. Ill only put secret if I or the other people don’t want you knowing who they are and that its their story.

When I was in 7th grade I had fallen in love with this girl, her name was Rose. She had long beautiful wavy red hair, and bright green eyes with the perfect smile. Later in the year I had found out she had liked me to so we had started dating. I never knew how much pain she was truly was in till now. She had lived with her father and her sister (Violet). For the first few weeks they acted like the perfect family. I never knew her dad abused her till I saw it happen. I was standing there talking to her and out of no where her dad came up to us and slapped her right across the face. It was silent. Nothing was said nor herd. I stood there in shock and silence giving a glare at her father. Rose just stood there looking at the ground as her father walks away. I wanted to do something but I know if I tried I wouldn’t only hurt myself, but also Rose.

Months have passed since then. We still hung out at her house, just not when her dad was home. I always comforted her the best I could trying to make her feel better. One night when we were hanging at her house her dad showed up home early. I cant believe what I did. When he had gotten home I walked over to him yelling about how he doesn’t deserve his family and how they’d be better off in a foster home then with him. He had gotten furious and ended up slapping me as if I was Rose. I left with no goodbyes or warning. Since then Rose and I had an on and off relationship arguing about everything. She was different. Her eyes weren’t as bright as they use to be, and her smile was gone as if she had never smiled or laughed in her life.

I was at home laying in bed, it was around two in the morning. I got a call from Violet so i answered it. That night Rose had ended hanging her self. You would believe the amount of tears that had come out of me. I felt sick. How could this be? I thought she loved me and would never leave me to be here in this world alone. Knowing that Ill never see her beautiful face again hurt me so much. Ill never hear her laugh or hear voice again. This was my fault, all of it. I wish I could have done something to save her. Ill always blame myself for her death and Ill never forgive myself. It was all my fault.


Image – Google Images

Story Teller – Secret


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