The Dark Hall

Its dark.
Nothing to see.
Nothing to feel.
Nothing to be heard.
Its quiet and dark.
Alone in the quiet darkness not bothering to scream or yell for help.
As you walk down the hall you only become more mad.
The farther you walk down the more noises you here,and the hall gets smaller.
You can turn back now and make a run for it before you’re trapped.
But instead you keep going.
This endless hall of darkness slowly consumes your feelings.
There is nothing to do except keep walking forward looking for a way out.
You bend down curling up and cry to yourself quietly.
By the time your at the end of the hall it had felt like years,but its only been days.
The light.
The bright light.
People talking.
You look back at the hall in fear not wanting to go back.
Run away.
As far as you can.
Away from The Dark Hall.
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